Build Your Own Game Workshop

Learn how to create interactive learning experience for remote teams leveraging the power of online games.

Experience a game that will rise above the routine.

Spark realizations and transformations. By giving them choices, your team will be in a position to discover things for themselves.

Recognize each other’s strengths and progress together through different milestones.

Create shared meaning by collaborating with others.

Reflect and debrief valuable lessons.


Anyone can be a game designer

By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to:

Use Backward Design

Use background design to plan a playful and engaging learning experience

Understand Game Elements

Recognize game elements and game mechanics and build them on your game.

Explore tools and craft your game

Get to know some no-code game design tools and design your game by creating a storyboard and your own game assets

Playtest and get feedback

Get feedback from our experts in game-based learning and pedagogy. Iterate and improve your game.

Learn to build your own learning game

You'll get the tools to build memorable learning experiences for your team using games


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Learn how to incorporate play into your company's DNA

Up to 3 people. $250 per additional participant
  • 100% hands-on workshop
  • Three 2-hour online sessions
  • Up to 3 participants
  • Includes a Notion Repository with resources, examples, and best practices
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