The Learning Playground

One new team-building game per month. The games are engaging experiential activities where participants travel to another dimension and experience several challenges. Their creativity, perseverance and teamwork will be tested while participants learn about decision-making, leadership, communication, and critical thinking.

Experience a game that will rise above the routine.

Spark realizations and transformations. By giving them choices, your team will be in a position to discover things for themselves.

Recognize each other’s strengths and progress together through different milestones.

Create shared meaning by collaborating with others.

Reflect and debrief valuable lessons.


Inventory of Games

These are some of the games we offer in the 12-month subscription. Your team will never play the same game twice.

Teams we've worked with

Outsource your remote employee engagement tasks

Types of games we offer: Escape Games, Survival Games, Strategy Games, Simulations...

per month
  • Online, synchronous and facilitator-led
  • 1 interactive game per month
  • Unlimited participants
  • Emphasis on team-building and engagement
  • 60 to 75 minutes per game
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