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Learn more effectively with others by playing facilitator-led online games

We believe that life is meant to be discovered through exploration, reflection, and fun, and that learning with others through games is a great way to embark on that journey.

You'll enjoy these interactive games if you are....

📖 A life-long learner

You're constantly following your curiosity, exploring, and learning new things

💻 A teacher or creator

You're looking for ways to turn your content into interactive, engaging experiences

🚀 A Business Developer

You're looking for ways to increase your company's profits by trying ideas that support your brand

"There's already plenty of learning resources on the internet..."

Yep. But content is a commodity. A powerful learning experience is not. You'll play with other committed, life-long learners and will explore questions and possibilities with the help of one our experienced facilitators.

Our online games will give you:

  • An open challenge with meaningful choices

  • An opportunity to collaborate and explore

  • A chance to fail, learn, and reflect

  • A way to ignite the starting components of learning transformation: curiosity, motivation, excitement.

  • A chance to link reflection with everyday practice, favoring active participation and solutions that can truly help you in real life.

"I don't have time for yet another workshop or course..."

Forget PPT presentations, lectures, or long lists of content and material. Join a 1-hour game and learn in a more engaging, interactive, and effective way while becoming part of a unique community.

Our Plans

Currently we offer 3 main products.
We'll be incorporating other interactive experiences in the following months.

#1: Play a facilitator-led game


🏷️ $299 for up to 20 players
👉 $10 for each additional player
🎤 Facilitator-led by one of our experts at TeamlogiQ

Participants will engage in an exciting puzzle-filled, virtual environment and encounter a variety of situations that will challenge how they think, analyse, communicate and solve problems.Deciphering secret codes, puzzles and hidden objects in collaboration with team members is the essence of the game and will determine true success.

Participants will learn:

  • Decision-making

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Critical Thinking

  • Team-building

#2: Build your own game


Create an interactive learning experience leveraging the power of online games.

This workshop is ideal for preparing one of your team members to incorporate game design in your learning experiences.

What's included:

You'll practice and learn the fundamentals of building an escape game.

  • Creator Guide

  • Facilitator’s Agenda and Slide Deck

  • Define the learning objectives of your game

  • Get familiarized with the game elements

  • Build your storyboard

  • Create the appropriate assets

  • Design powerful visuals

  • Design the end-of-the-game survey

#3: get your own Custom Game

Let's build together!

Ideal for onboarding or training for a specific skill.

We work with you to co-create a game that is adapted to the learning needs of your company or team. At the end of our Design Sprint, you’ll end up with a game that is ready to deploy and that you can repeatedly use for onboarding or training purposes.

What's included:

Throughout a 3-week Sprint, you'll get everything in the $899 Plan, plus:

  • Build your game framework and structure

  • Craft a powerful story

  • Incorporate effective learning elements

  • Learn how to facilitate an effective gameplay session

Meet the team

Hugo Díaz is a lifelong learner and a serial entrepreneur.
Stefy Bolaños is a Learning Experience Designer.
We believe that every human should have access to transformative experiences in multiple stages of their life, if they’re willing to accept the challenge. This is why we design and build learning assets that tap into the essence of how we truly learn.

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