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Don't miss our upcoming workshop in October!

Build an engaging game for learners in just two weeks. Ready to add some spice to your trainings or your cohort-based online course by including an interactive and exciting game-based learning experience?

100% hands-on workshop

From June 12 - June 23 (with 2 live sessions per week)

Includes templates, examples, and resources

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Use games to spark understanding and reflection

Games are engaging and foster collaboration

They ignite the fundamental components of learning transformation: curiosity, motivation, and excitement

You can incorporate your company's learning objectives within the game

Aligning learning programs with business goals is essential to ensure that learning and development initiatives support the organization's overall strategy and contribute to its success

Games will help you improve employee retention

By reducing turnover and retaining top talent, organizations can save money, maintain institutional knowledge, create a stable and consistent work environment, increase employee engagement, and enhance their reputation and brand image

Our Products

Pricing that fits every team

The Playground
Team-building games
$299 / month
  • 1 new team-building game per month
  • Online, synchronous and facilitator-led
  • Unlimited participants
  • Emphasis on team-building and engagement
  • 60 to 75 minutes per game
  • Brief, Gameplay and Debrief
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Build Your Own Game Workshop
Learn how to create playful, interactive learning experiences
$450 one time
  • Create your own game using AI and no-code tools
  • 100% hands-on workshop
  • Four 1.5-hour online sessions
  • Get frameworks that you can use for all your games
  • Learn with a cohort of peers
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Remote Engagement Premium Package
Weekly collection of experiences for your team
$980 / month
  • Wellness, team-building, and self-actualization experiences
  • 1 experience per week
  • Experience duration: 1 hour
  • Focus on peer and social learning
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What we stand for

Teams that learn and play together, stay together

Embarking on a play adventure is like setting sail on an unknown sea, bracing ourselves for the thrill of discovering something new. When we play, we dive headfirst into uncharted territories, taking risks and experimenting with novel combinations. Yet, play is never a solo endeavor - it always involves a partner or group of individuals, and games can strengthen our connections with others. Every game is an opportunity to discover something new about ourselves, a chance to break the rules and try new conventions, laying the foundation for innovation. Through play, we can break free from the monotony of our daily routines and explore new horizons. And, for teams that learn and play together, the journey is even more fulfilling, creating deeper bonds that stand the test of time.